Travel the world, meet new people, & kill them.

Bizarre story surfacing over in Australia suggesting our soldiers in Afghanistan are being laughed at by others of the coalition forces because they take part in a highly limited number of front line missions in which they actively engage ‘the enemy’.

Whether these allegations are true or not I have no way of knowing. However, if true, and whether the soldiers feel resentful that the stories are spreading… or in fact they *aren’t* given more front line roles, I doubt their partners, children or parents are in the slightest part upset by the news.

If my child decided to join an army and was posted on active duty, I’d be more than pleased if their duties kept them well away from any battle zone. There are huge numbers of ancillary support roles that *must* be carried out in order to keep the guys at the front line able to function at peak efficiency and if it’s out troops who carry out these tasks well I for one am not complaining. They are doing their duty and that’s all we need ask of them.

I’m sorry if I appear less supportive of the offensive against the Taliban and Islamic extremists than I might be, but the fewer Australians who die abroad fighting for questionable causes the better in my book.

Source: ABC News

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