Kids grow up so fast these days!

Following on from the furore about the exploitation of 12 year old girls by using them in sexually explicit photography, we now have the case of a 12 year old girl in Victoria who told a judge that she thinks she is a boy and is being allowed to change her sex!!

Amazing though it seems, a judge has given permission for this girl to be given hormone treatment in order to prevent her sexual development into a mature female. S/he is also going to be allowed to change her birth certificate, passport and Medicare card details to give her a boys name.

Whilst s/he won’t be allowed to undergo surgery before age 18 she will be allowed at age 16 to begin testosterone therapy to help her develop a male physique and facial hair.

I’ve said it before and will say it again… and no doubt will repeat it many times into the future… the law is an ass. For all that 5 ‘experts’ have sided with her, there must surely be room for doubt that this decision is (on her part) irrevocable). People aged 12 are repeatedly told they are too young to decide, for instance, which parent to live with in the case of a divorce, too young to have sex, too young to drink alcohol or take certain drugs… yet this girl is deemed old enough to decide she wants to change sex?? Give me a break please!

I think this decision is itself tantamount to child neglect. The sheer androgynous physique and psychological attitudes of prepubescent girls should be enough for any psychiatrist to doubt the stability of this child’s decision making process especially when what has been described as one of her primary fears is of oncoming menstruation! Well d’uh!!

Perhaps she *is* a ‘boy trapped in a girls body’, but I hope for her sake this idiocy is abandoned until she is mature enough to be able to make a considered choice. Adults are supposed to protect children from making irrevocable decisions that that could change for the worse the entire course of their lives… not encourage them by compliance!

More on this story with information supplied by a relative that the girls mother has pressured and brainwahsed her years to persuade her she is really a little boy… for further details read this news report.

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