Life is a strange thing.

Just chatting to the sister on Google chat about the pictures she uploaded to the gallery of our mother as a young girl. It made me think just how ‘sad’ life is in general. Perhaps sad isn’t the right word, but it’s how I felt.

In mum’s pictures she’s there as a young girl with her entire future ahead of her with not a clue about her future… just enjoying her life as it was with no understanding it would, or could, ever change. And now here we are more than 50 years older than she was then…. and looking back at the pictures of our own youth.

The sister said it’s as well sometimes we *don’t* know what’s ahead of us which is true of course. We might decide not to bother if we did. But then… it would pinch out the loop because if we could avoid doing what our ‘future’ said we *would* do then it wasn’t really a true picture of unfolding events! 🙂

That diversion apart, it just makes you think about life… the universe… everything. Life is a strange, strange thing to go through. I just wish there was some point to it all.

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