Family Forum Fixed.

Well the forum might not be ‘fixed’ but it has at least been created. No doubt a bucket of configuration will be required before it all works spiffingly but… as I write… I have at least password protected it.

I’ve bridged it to the gallery too… and will soon sort out how to access it easily via the forum pages rather than the ‘copper’ directory (which will make the photos ‘private’ as well). Yes I could do that now… but then you’d need another set of passwords… and who wants to have to keep entering different passwords every time you access a website? Boring!!

So… the forum is at and as far as I’m aware, currently you can’t get in there… hahaha…. oooh the power… so if you do manage to, let me know sooner rather than later ok?? 😀

Getting back to the subject at hand… we can either share one password… or each have our own. Makes no difference to me, but currently as *I* have to manually register any of us who joins we may as well all share one password – so email me and I’ll register/activate you and send you the password. Okie?

The forum is pretty basic right now but I have 20 modifications (including a chess game – if it works) to add tonight and tomorrow, and also several different themes so you can select your own favourite. 🙂

Catch ya later!!

5 thoughts on “Family Forum Fixed.

  1. Yep – I’m in. No I’m not really – I’m lying. No password perferences. It’s only going to be one more set of letters and numbers I have to remember. My life is ruled by blasted passwords and I am convinced it would completely disintegrate if I forgot any of them.

    I wouldn’t be able to get into the office, pay for things with credit cards – either my own account or the company’s, I couldn’t open the wretched computer or access the myriad of sites requiring authorisation, answer emails, conduct business…………..

    Hmm – so anyway – one more meaningless combination of characters won’t matter – or is that a description of the cast of Neighbours?

  2. What I like about this forum is the clear message that it gives to anyone who is not a member of the family that we are in fact a bunch of grumpy old gits who will complain about life’s little challenges at the earliest opportunity.


  3. Grumpy old gits – life’s challenges eh??

    I’ll only say 2 letters to you young fella me lad!!

    BT !!

  4. Don’t get me started..!!!!! Grrrr.!!!!!!

    Flamin monolithic, decrepid, inflexible, money grabbing, over complex, unimaginative, monopoly driven institution..!!!

    Got a mind to charge them for my time..! Gits.!

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