Work versus play.

The daughters room is now almost bright and clean after two days quiet work cleaning it out. The fish tank has been moved along with all sorts of old toys, abandoned bits of wool, bits of unknown games and other detritus of uncertain parentage.

She did a good job… well I’m sure she would have had she done any of it. Instead the poor thing has had to sit downstairs doing homework and listening to her mother making the most of Mothers Day in Oz by harassing and ‘encouraging’ by exhorting the poor child to keep her nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel every few seconds.

Despite the obvious discomfort of trying to function with your nose and shoulder positioned in such a fashion, she’s managing to work gradually through the weekends projects tho they’re still not fully completed.

I’m betting that the completion of her homework will coincide almost to the second with my completion of the cleaning of her room. Any takers?? šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Work versus play.

  1. seems to me Ive heard that song before?
    Well done Leuca! Remeber Auntie Muriel couldnt bake or cook or sew and didnt do housework, but somehow everything got done (but not by her) –

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