A journey of one thousand miles……

A journey of one thousand miles… begins with the first step.

After years of owning our video recorder I’ve only now started transferring the accumulated tapes onto the computer. I’ve found clips of a wide variety of interesting occasions ranging from the usual holiday scenes to the children performing in choirs or music recitals. We’ve several now of them receiving prizes etc and I’ve had several pleasant hours watching these animated memories!

Many of the clips won’t display their full import for several years but sooner or later there *will* come a time when we’ll be able to compile sort DVD’s etc to pass on to school friends etc for them to also share the memories.

So once all have been loaded onto the computer I’ll have to start editing, annotating and compiling in order to make some sense of it all but at least I’ve finally made the first step. At last count I had the content of approximately 40+ video cassettes to transfer… this may yet take some time!

2 thoughts on “A journey of one thousand miles……

  1. Erk… sorry flower I *entirely* forgot. I need a really good shove now and then to remember what I need to do!.

    I’ve added a message about what I’m doing… hope it works 🙂

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