Charity is twice blessed.

A day or so ago I was saying the new ice skating site was ‘up’ but required a lot of work before it was really ‘ready’ for mass use. One of the things we needed really badly was a logo and ‘unified theme’ and my graphics skills are tragic to say the least.

So in an effort to find some assistance I stumbled upon a graphic oriented forum, joined, and left a message asking for a few tips on the best way to go about organising myself. Jokingly I said I’d appreciate it if someone did the work for me… not expecting anything but a few quips hopefully followed by some helpful tips.

Imagine my surprise then when Andi Creffield of Taylors Print (Web Design & Logo Design UK) not only sent a logo and theme outline for the Ice Skating site… but a quite brilliant one for the ODPS as well. What’s more they were completely free of charge!! How nice is that??

These were for the skating site:

AIS Logo

AIS Template Example

And this for the ODPS:


Their arrival was so unexpected I was totally gobsmacked and almost in tears! This one for the ODPS in particular is (in my opinion) quite brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness!!

Some people are just *so* in tune with art and graphic design that I’m in awe of them… Andi is clearly one of these. The concept and production of this ODPS logo took less than 40 minutes. I’m been trying to create one on and off for 10 years!! I’m *still* amazed. 🙂

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