Another day lost!

Had to ask the family yesterday because I had *no* idea where we’d been and what we’d done. Seems the youngest went skating (that much I knew) then to a party at a bowling alley whilst we went shopping for ‘stuff’ of some sort.

I’ve been a bit woolly headed because I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the new sites. Both daughters now have active blogs, as does the personal trainer Sally (not that she’s written in hers yet!). I’m well on the way to working out the mechanics of the ‘ice skating’ site and will be able to make a start on Sal’s ‘business site’ soon. All that’s left to do then is create her ‘recruitment site’ and the major part of the creation work will be done.

There is a load of work to do on the ODPS and Talk Tidy sites, but they are ticking along well enough right now so I’ll not interfere too much there until everything else is running smoothly.

As any web designer will tell you, ‘site creation’ is the easy part. The problems start immediately afterwards. Even getting a site ‘live’ is a relatively minor issue. The *real* challenges are adding meaningful content and then successful marketing… i.e. attracting visitors! If you can make just a few of those visitors either part with cash directly to you, or click on advertising to earn a few cents each time then you’re doing well.

As far as the kids and Sal’s blogs are concerned, most content will be down to them. Yes I’ll update the ‘Skater’ site now and then with photos and the like, but essentially the blogs are there for them. Sal’s business site will be essentially ‘static content’ and so once done can be almost forgotten except for occasional maintenance.

My blogs obviously need constant updating… and the AO forum needs constant monitoring because of the odd-bods who attack it now and then. Which leaves the Skating and the Recruitment sites.

I’m fairly confident that I can get the Recruitment site functioning, up to a point. I’m not yet convinced that that ‘point’ coincides with Sal’s ‘point’ – but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

What I *am* more sure about is that I could develop the skating site to a standard that would make it *the* premier site for the sport… and the stopping place for anyone interested in ice skating in Australia. SO what’s stopping me? Time – pure and simple. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Occasionally I think I will simply ignore everything else an treat the sites as a full time job in themselves, but neither life, nor my brain, work that way. 🙂

Yes I’ll get on with it eventually… but it’s so frustrating sometimes not to be able to give my full attention to a task and concentrate on it properly. Flaming ADD drives me crazy. Oh… hang on! 🙂

So yesterday was a bit of a disaster. Today… not exactly ‘fruitful’… tomorrow?? Well tomorrow is another day… or so they say.

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