That'll l'arn me (not)!

Decided to try upgrading the software at the Ice Skating site to ‘improve’ it’s capabilities… and of course screwed the entire site instead 🙂

Not a biggie really as it has only just been installed. I just delete everything and start over… might take and hour or two but what the hell . May as well do it. I think I’ll stick with the original version anyway pro tem, tho the new version has much better compatibility with the forum software I’d like to wrap in it.

There ya go… shouldn’t have tried to rush through it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “That'll l'arn me (not)!

  1. Nothing to do with the thread but thought you’d like to know that I did 20 miles on Sunday in just over 2:50. The first 18 were more or less straightforward – in complete contrast to the last 2 which were a bit grim to say the least!

    The thought of having to run for another 6 miles or what is sure to be an hour is not filling me full of excitement. Still the purpose of this exercise was to beat my next door neighbour who was running round London on the weekend.

    I was really sad for him – he texted me from the course on Sunday to tell me the wheeels came off big time at 16 or 17 miles and he walked a lot of the way from then and came in just under 5 hours.

    Ah – I could barely contain my joy at his demise – who said schadenfreude’s a bad thing – as it means the pressure is off me having to roar round Stratford in a couple of weeks.

    Competitive – moi??

  2. ROFL… you’re getting worse! 🙂

    Basically then so long as you come in under 5 hours you’ll be happy?? Lord knows how long it would take me to walk 26 miles these days… a minimum 14 hours I think! At least I have an excuse not to try to run any more.

    If you survive, don’t forget to let us know what your time was… ok??

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