The littlest finger!

Some detail on the youngest daughters broken finger… for those mildly interested. 🙂

Seems that she broke it before she even registered at class in the morning! She’d been playing with friends on the hill above the classrooms (the school is set in some quite attractive bushland) and had fallen. She’d put her hand to stop herself and forced back the little finger on the left hand.

Her friends and a teacher had taken her to the fits aid room ‘Sick Bay’ where she was bandaged up and told to sit and wait to be collected.

Eventually after some confusion (explained in the previous post) I collected her and took her to the doctor. She was examined and sent for x-ray. The doctor said she’d prefer it if the finger was left ‘open’ so didn’t re-bandage it.

She was x-rayed and I took the film back to the doctors surgery (for those in the UK who wait weeks, it takes just minutes to get x-rays in Australia) and left them because we were running *very* late and we didn’t have an appointment. The receptionist called me at 5:30 to say the doctor would ring later but it didn’t need urgent treatment… luckily!!

At 7:30, while we were in the middle of a traffic jam, the doctor called with instructions. Wait til Monday for the swelling to go down and then make an appointment to see her husband for is to be reassessed. If necessary he’ll refer her to a specialist for treatment. Nothing really about ‘treatment’ in the meantime other than to give her painkillers if required and bandage using the other fingers as a splint if it was hurting badly.

We arrived home at 9:30 or so and *then* I was able to do something for her, i.e. splint and bandage properly and give her something to take away the ache.

This morning she seems fine, tho we cancelled her skating lesson in case she fell and made it worse. It’s still swollen, and is showing a *very* nasty bruise. It’s stiff, but she’s not needed painkillers… also she is using the other fingers to type at the computer so she seems ok more or less.

Our only concern about getting her to the Doctors on Monday is that she should be spending the early morning skating and then having a ‘meeting’ with her ‘birth mother’, and *then* another skating session in the afternoon! Not so sure all this is a good idea, since she won’t then get to see the doctor for the checkuptil Tuesday, but since she seems ok now, we might well leave it like that.

The swelling will have had more time to go down by then as well… which might be good?

So that’s the current state of play, yet again we wait and see what develops. No real ‘plan’ this time, we’ll just play it by ear. 🙂

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