Lady Di unlawfully killed?

I think that verdict was the least that could have been found. Yet there are *still* unanswered questions even allowing for the months of evidence and the twenty million pounds the inquest has cost. We still need information concerning the White Fiat Uno that reportedly sideswiped the car she was travelling in. We also need information regarding the driver of that car.

The conspiracy theory runs that the driver was a security agent posing as a paparazzo who hit the car at an opportune moment, then destroyed it (the Uno) by burning it. It was then claimed he later died of natural causes. The theory runs that this agent might have been ‘vanished’ deliberately to hide the source of the order her was given… or might well have been killed to cover up the source.

Either way this is as far as we go with the inquest… unless that is someone can find ‘the smoking gun’ that conspiracy theorists are convinced is out there somewhere. Do *you* have it??

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