Fruitcakes of the world

Today we have the Australian cherry sponge cake, otherwise known as ‘the eldest daughter’.

As I approached the school to drop off the youngest my phone rings. It’s the eldest daughter whose classes were supposed to start 15 minutes earlier. She ‘needs to talk to someone’. Ok… I’m at the school so I drive round to find out her problem.

Seems she has found the Year 6 sweater she lost at camp. Is that the ‘problem’? Nope… while she found the sweater… she lost her book! Seems she left ‘Eragon’ (a library book) on the bus. Not only that she discovered that whilst she thought she’d sent her science homework from home to school… somehow it hadn’t arrived.

Well I can’t do anything immediate about her book but I can help with the homework… where is it… on the machine. How do I get into her school account? She’ll have to ring.

Her recess is at 11:00 a.m. so I have to sit here for an hour or so waiting for her to call so that I can send her something she should have done last week! Grrr….. 🙂

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