The wife's now under the doctor!

In case you live outside Wales and wonder what the hell the subject is about… that expression is a part of Wenglish and means she’s following doctors orders about her back.

He seems to think it’s nothing serious, a plain muscle spasm. He suggests she has a day or two on diazepam and anti-inflammatories and see how she is afterwards. She needn’t take painkillers… unless it hurts(?!?). Ok… to me that sounds similar to the old ‘take two aspirins and call me in the morning’ approach, but what do *I* know? 🙂

She’s to have two days off to let it ease, but he didn’t make any suggestions about how she should stand, sit, lie or whatever in the meantime. Are there exercises she should/could do? No idea.

She’s got a certificate for two days… and then we see how she is. To be fair she *is* a lot better now than she was when she seized up on Saturday, so maybe those two days using muscle relaxants will see her ok. We can but hope!

2 thoughts on “The wife's now under the doctor!

  1. At the risk of repeating myself there are some really good Pilates positions that’ll help a lot. Even something as simple as being on hands and knees keeping the back in a neutral position and the shoulders pushed down the back hold the stomach in and just hold until you start shaking. And if you’re doing it right shake you will.
    Another good one is the plank – a bit more difficult to explain but I’m sure you can find a good description on the net.

    I wonder if a dodgy back is hereditary? Perhaps I have the Lewis back and George knee, what hope do I have??

  2. I don’t think you’ll have inherited much from the wife tho… apart from the obvious lack of connection… her immediate family are ‘Taylor’ and moved to Wales from Kent!!

    On the other hand, she also has ‘Watkins’ in her close blood line (as do we)!! Maybe it’s all the fault of that pesky Watkins clan?? 🙂

    I’ll tell her about the Pilates exercises when the effects of the drugs have worn off. Right now she’s out flat… but still breathing (I check now and then) 🙂 Not sure if she’ll be in the mood to listen for a while tho… her main concern right now is that she can’t get to work and things are piling up. This was a heavy week to start with – ten times worse now!

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