Our Indian Summer?

While there has been no sign of a frost… it hardly ever gets cold enough even in the depths of winter to claim we’ve been ‘freezing’… I think we might claim the last week or two to represent an ‘Indian Summer, albeit with an Australian edge to it!

The weather has been very warm, especially compared to the last few months when the rain has created a blanket of cloud preventing the sun’s warming rays from penetrating the murk. In fact, overnight temperatures in NSW have ranged between 20ºC – 24ºC… rivalling those found on a warm summers day in Wales if I recall correctly! The evenings and nights have been pleasant… even balmy. In these parts it’s been that comfortable, that even with the air conditioning maintaining an equable temperature, nobody has needed bedding! 🙂

Today’s temperature rose as high as 35ºC and even now as I write at 6:30 p.m. the thermometer reads 34ºC. Unfortunately, as usual around holiday periods, a change in the weather is on the cards. And hard as it is to believe with the temperature so high, we’ve been warned that we might expect overnight storms. As if we’d not had more than enough storms lately!

Obviously we’ve no idea how serious these particular storms may be but there is nothing emanating from the Bureau of Meteorology as yet to indicate these will be severe enough to cause damage. Still, best to be prepared I suppose and we’ll be keeping a ‘weather eye’ out just in case.

Either way we still need the rain. The dams aren’t yet sufficiently filled to ward off that sense of imminent doom generated by those insisting that we still need to ration usage. Maybe a few months more soggy misery would help… but on balance I could do without it thanks.

Seems the storm has moved out to sea and won’t be causing any damage though winds of 90kph were recorded in parts of southern Sydney! The time is 9:45 p.m. and the temperature is 26ºC. Looks like it’ll be another in a long line of warm nights.

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