The Weekend: Saturday

Heavy day Saturday. Up at 5:00 a..m. to get the youngest to her skating lesson. She did pretty well though compared to the 14 year old we saw later in the day on the TV she has a **huge** way to go. She certainly needs more practice time and maybe gymnastics tuition as well.

Anyway, we drifted off home and I made a start doing ‘stuff’ as one does. This is a big house and needs a lot of maintenance just to keep it livable. I spent a large part of the morning cleaning the pool and the surrounding area which had become very messy. The mess wasn’t just caused by the storms of course. There were kids toys and swimmers littering the place long with piles of toys. So to start with I collected it all up… just to see what was what!.

I pulled weeds from between the pavers, and brushed it all down. Along the way I hacked back the Jasmine that grows along side the pool outside the kitchen window… and which harboured the wasps which nearly killed me last year. After that I attacked some of the bushes alongside the pool that were dropping berries and leaves into it.

From there I moved to the lawns. I finished off the strimming out front (which I’d started the day before) and then cleaned the edges around the back lawn. Followed up with the mower, and the blower… and the place looked clean and tidy once more.

This lot took me until 5:00 p.m. and by then I was totally exhausted, my hip was killing me and I needed a lie down.

The wife had a busy day as well of course, She did the washing, got on with paperwork paying bills etc and came to help collect the Jasmine and get it into the bins. She tidied up and cleared away stuff inside and got the kids working on their projects. Bearing in mind she’d been feeling queasy all afternoon she did ok.

Of course the weather was in our favour in one way in that we seem to have developed a ‘late summer’. The temperatures were up around 32ºC most of the day and the skies clear blue.

Where were the rellies during all this activity you ask? Well, they were in their room for most of the day – at least there was no sign of them whilst all the work was being done. The niece *did* put in an appearance around 5:30 p.m. to ask if she could help getting dinner ready (?!?!?) but the wife said we weren’t having any, and the kids were doing their own.

It’d been a long, long day so after that the wife and I retired to our room where she continued to sort out the bills… and I lay down to tried to give my aching bod some R&R. 🙂

Not long after the kids decided to join us and the four of us sat cuddled up on the bed watching the first Harry Potter movie (again) before giving up for the night. Was a good day… mostly.

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