Ok… yesterday!

Managed to miss updating the place yesterday. Was quite busy so really only had time to update the other blog and get on with ‘stuff. What amazingly interesting activities filled me day you ask? Nothing special as such, it’s just the mundane everyday sort of people do.

Walked over to the bus stop with the kids and wandered off around the estate with the dogs for an hour and a half. They need the exercise and of course so do I. Came back, sat around a little organising myself, and went off to the gym for an hour. Came home, watered some of the pot plants that survived the the drought they suffered while I was unable to move around much and that was my morning. Thrilling eh?

I explained earlier that Galina Pachin, the internationally acclaimed coach who teaches the youngest her ice skating skills, was effectively sacked by the Sydney Ice Arena so she’s simply moved her business to other rinks and we’ve naturally followed on behind. Yesterday the venue was Penrith Ice Palace and so I had to leave home fairly early to collect the youngest from school to get her there with time to warm up and practice. The eldest had Tae-Kwon-Do in the evening and wanted to try catching the bus home from school for the first time so I was able to leave her in school while we zoomed off.

An hour later I was sitting (shivering because I forgot my coat) in quite a pleasant ice rink watching the youngsters training *and* watching and exciting new (to me) Queensland skater called Dean going through his paces. The session finished at5:45 p.m. and off home we went. Collected the wife from the bus stop, the eldest daughter from the Tae-Kwon-Do class and back home for a salad… and that was my day.

Now wasn’t it worth wasting 5 minutes of your life to learn that? No? Sorry… too late now!!

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