The State of Play.

Ok… I’m more or less mobile again so it’s time to take stock and see where I’ve got to… physically at least.

I’m 61, got three collapsed vertebrae, a ‘dickey knee’ and ‘trick hip’, and of course a broken toe. I also have those pesky allergies to consider… both the life threatening allergy to stings and the aggravating but less dangerous ‘chronic rhinitis’ and associated problems. πŸ˜€

Taking each in turn… the CAT scan shows nothing can be done about them. The GP tells me I’ll never ‘jog’ again no matter how fit I get, but I’ve not jogged in *many* years anyway so that might not be such a loss! The hip… also can’t be helped. A lot of the problem is caused by the sciatic nerve root which is being compressed back at the vertebrae, so part of what I’m getting is ‘referred pain’, nevertheless wherever it’s sourced, it’s the ‘hip’ where the majority of the pain is focused. Bizarrely, the knee is damaged because of the problems I have walking because of the pains in the hip… even tho the hip joint itself isn’t badly damaged!! The knee *is* damaged of course and will need treatment at some stage in the future. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. The toe? Still leaking ‘fluid’… still hurting… both bone and wound’ cause some ongoing twinges… but it’s *nowhere* near as bad as it was! πŸ™‚

Hard as it is to believe, despite all the above I’m surprisingly mobile again!

I’m still taking the antibiotics (Ciproxin) to combat the infection in the bone, and still on anti-inflammatory pills (Naproxen currently) and painkillers of course (Codapane Forte). But they do make it possible for me to get about. This morning I, for the first time in weeks (months even?), I was able to get out with the dogs and walk around the estate. When I came home the dogs collapsed exhausted… but I strapped my backpack on and walked up to the local Aldi to buy a couple of chickens and some veg to feed us all for dinner. If anything I felt better on the way back than I did on the way up… tho that might well have been because the painkillers were kicking in a bit better than they had before.

Either way it looks as if I’m on the way back.

By the way… the dogs are still out cold! πŸ˜€

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