Prince Harry on duty.

Questions have been asked if Prince Harry should be ‘allowed’ to go on active service in places where could come under fire and thus be placed in serious danger. Last year there was talk of sending him to Iraq, but that was rejected eventually for a variety of reasons, not least the publicity surrounding his deployment.

However it appears he has been serving quietly since Xmas over in Afghanistan with little impact on either him or the local population. Better yet, for him, was the media embargo on reporting where he was and what he was doing

His ‘cover’ was blown today by the New Idea magazine who decided to tell all. The result has been calls for him to be hoicked out of his unit and returned to the UK where mummy can keep a closer eye on him.

Understandably he isn’t too thrilled by the prospect. He has said he is a soldier and his duty is to be where his unit is expecting and receiving no special treatment.

Can’t argue with that at all. He may be third in line for the throne, but he *is* the ‘spare’ and needs to make a life for himself. If this is where he wants to be then leave him alone. The last thing the country needs in my opinion is another Princess Edward.

He’s a soldier. Let him do what he’s been trained to do, just as thousands of less well known men and women do every day.

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