More development.

After yonks struggling along using Internet Explorer Mobile, I finally ‘bit the bullet’ and bought Opera Mobile which is US$24. Why? Functionality is why.

For simple surfing… *very* simple surfing… IEM is just about adequate. For anything else it is worse than useless. Quite often it’s actually obstructive!

The main selling point for Opera Mobile is that it renders web pages properly even when viewed on a PDA.

The advantage for me is that web forms are displayed properly which allows me for example to write Blog posts from anywhere the phone can receive a signal.

Now I just need some sort of FTP progam to let me send photos ‘on the fly’ and I’ll be set… for now at least. 🙂

2 thoughts on “More development.

  1. how I wish that i had the faintest idea of what these recent complicated and hightly technical and mentaly absorbing blogs complaining on ones inability to be able to communicate with the world at large at the instant a new thought enters the vacuum
    am i missing out on something – is there a void in my own life which is waiting patiently for a midgen of fulfilment- i live on more in hope than in despair – as i am often told – keep taking the tablets= be like micawber – something usually turns up when you are looking for something else – its called experience

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