Remembering Fred Emney

I was thinking today about Fred Emney who was a well known and quite famous comedian and character actor. I read a little about him and discovered his father, (also an actor and also called Fred) died whilst appearing in a Pantomime a week after slipping onstage on some soapsuds that were part of the act he was performing. Fred was aged 17 when this happened. Sad that.

By the time I was able to store a memory of Fred he looked pretty much like the picture below, but a search on Google Images shows that in his youth he was quite a good looking guy.

Fred Emney Still, this is my memory of him and this picture *is* pretty much how he sits in my memory! šŸ™‚ For some reason though, despite knowing he was an accomplished pianist and composer, I associate him with a Euphonium! Why with this strange old instrument is beyond me. I can’t find an obvious link, but I suppose there is one somewhere. šŸ™‚

Actually, apart from some short bio’s covering a few bare facts there is really not much to be gleaned from the web about his life and achievements other than telling us he was born in 1900 and died Xmas Day 1980. In fact I doubt there are many people out there who remember him at all!

Still, *I* remembered him… and fondly enough to write this little missive. I wonder what he was life in ‘real life’?

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