A bearded monster.

For the first time in years I’ve let my beard grow a little. I wouldn’t call it a ‘beard’ as such… yet. Currently after not shaving for a few days it;s more of a ‘long stubble’ kind of look.

Of course the look has changed a lot since I last had one, for example (sadly) there isn’t a trace of ginger left in it! It’s all grey, white or shades in between. It’s itchy of course… and will be for at least another week or so until it grows long enough to be ‘trimmed’ when it will start to become thicker.

What brought this on? Not sure. 🙂 I remember the eldest daughter telling me I ought to grow one after seeing an old photo, but I’m not sure if this was *after* I said I was thinking of it. She’s got no actual memory of what I looked like with a beard as I deliberately shaved the last one off shortly after she was born. I’d read an article somewhere about a guy who shaved *his* off when his daughter was 3 or 4 years old and she not only didn’t recognise him… she ran away from him refusing any contact with him for months!! I figured I’d avoid that by shaving mine off.

In other words it’s 11 years since I was this hairy! In addition… I’ve had really short hair for years as well. The wife has cut my hair for the last 14 years… even since we bought clippers to cut the hair on the old Springer Spaniel in fact. When he died I was loath to waste the clippers… so persuaded her to use them on me… which has worked well for all this time.

However… I feel ‘changes’ coming on and right now I figure I’ll start by changing my appearance… a bit. Slowly, slowly…!! 🙂

The diet is part of it… but add in the beard, growing the hair… change the clothes… probably plastic surgery once the weight is gone (which it *will* have by August!!) and who knows what other changes might be on the horizon??

Suddenly I remember one of the reasons I’ve not grown the beard back in all these years… and that was because it plays havoc with the CPAP mask! All that hair makes the idea of a seal against the skin a bit of a nonsense. Seems I’ll be back to being clean shaven before it gets the chance to properly sprout… ah well. Ideas come… ideas go. No doubt something else will occur to me… how about blue tinted contacts?? 😀

3 thoughts on “A bearded monster.

  1. got as far as the last few words, read blue tinted and suddenly the vision of you with blue tinted hair sprung to mind hahahaha then I read contacts hehehe

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