Spot the cat.

Lowering the tone slightly from the last post…

Cat on a cupboard .. the wife called me in to the ‘study’ this morning and told me to see what the ‘white thing’ was on the top of a set of cupboards. Thinking it was something the kids had left behind when they left for school I reached up.

Then it moved.

Once I recovered and she’d stopped laughing I realised it was the cat. It isn’t so obvious from the picture but she was almost invisible from the ground! Especially when her white face was next to those white straps on the rucksack! Cat’s are extremely odd creatures. 🙂

What I’m wondering now is… how did she get up there? There’s nothing there to cling on to properly.

Slippery books standing on slippery wooden shelves next to a slippery wall and slippery blinds.

How come she didn’t slip off?

One thought on “Spot the cat.

  1. The kitten has taken to stealing my toothbrush from the edge of the sink then tearing off downstairs with it and batting it around the lounge floor – since we’ve moved the toothbrush to a high security installation nearby he has now started stealing Mary’s cotton buds from the besdide cabinet and doing the same with those – and when he’s bored he hangs upside down from his scratching post.

    They are indeed peculiar animals!!

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