Back on my feet again.

The toe hurts, as you’d expect, but I’ve been ‘back on my feet’ most of the day (on and off) so am a bit weary.

Though I’ve done a bit of clearing up and tidying, I’m still not making any attempt to drive, and  don’t intend to until either I’m sure the toe bone has reset, or until circumstances force me to, i.e. when the wife isn’t here and the kids can’t catch the school bus as they did this morning… for the first time ever!

On a theme, I can’t say I was too happy about the kids catching the bus after all these years, but I suppose they have to be set free sometime or other. Of course being the first time, it all went a bit wrong when the eldest daughter managed to leave a $10 note and her library book on the bus as she left. The book was recovered…. but not the $10 note. Odd really since the bus was empty when she and her friends got off at school. Never mind. Maybe it went to a good home.

It went even *more* wrong at ‘home-time’ when the wife remembered that the eldest had an extra-curricular activity to attend, and that the little one with her twisted ankle wouldn’t be going to hers so would try to catch the bus home alone. She decided it was unreasonable to expect the youngest to handle catching the bus by herself so went up to get her. They then had a merry hour chasing each other around the car parks and phoning around trying to establish where each other was. I know this because at one point the school phoned *me* to ask where the wife was! Just to add to the fun… the eldest decided to do a similar thing and arrive at the wrong pickup point at the wrong time. Classic.

Obviously they all found each other in the end but they arrived home with nerves a bit frazzled. The wife told me she hates my ‘job’. I told that this was probably one of the good days! 🙂

It’s the first parent/teacher night tonight up at the school. Usually I get dragged along to get told what the teachers intend to do for our kids this year… which is almost totally unlike the more ‘private’ ones we go to later in the year… where they explain why they couldn’t do it.

The wife agreed there probably wasn’t much to be gained from both of us going up so she’s gone up alone… sorta. Both girls have gone to Girl Guides tonight (the eldest as a Junior Leader) and the session ends at 7:15 p.m. The wife has to be at the school by 7:30 p.m. and it’ll be a 20 minute drive at least to get there so she’ll not have time to get back here to drop the girls off.

Best of luck to them all. I’m making the most of the free time to sit on the bed with my foot up, eating popcorn, and watching TV. It’s a hard job… but someone has to do it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back on my feet again.

  1. it all sounds very much like the usual shambles with different personalities involved and i had a really good belly laughremembering and thinking there we go again – well done – yo7ure getting there!

  2. Indeed… been there… done that… several times!!

    As you’re more than aware, whilst the chaos monkey regularly visits each of us, it has has stayed with this branch of the family for a while now, making bets with the jinx to see which of them can cause the most problems… so far I think there is a tie.

    We live in interesting times! 😀

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