More on the Giant Moth.

I looked up ‘Giant Moths’ and found a picture of a moth that looked very similar to the one we found!

Endoxyla: Wood Moth As far as I can tell, this *is* the same species of moth we found outside the railway station. It’s name is ‘Endoxyla Magnifica’, a giant ‘wood moth’ who’s larvae spend their lives boring into Eucalypts! πŸ™‚

It seems it is related to the moth that gives rise to the famous ‘witchetty grub’… tho this one is much larger. Oddly there is very little information online about this magnificent beast, but I’d really like to know more about their life cycle!

All I can garner is that the grubs are often referred to as ‘Goat Moths’ because the caterpillars have an unpleasant smell. The young live their lives boring through trees for up to three years and then pupate in their tunnels. That’s about all there is!!

You’d think a moth this size would be world famous… but it seems to have been ignored by all and sundry!

2 thoughts on “More on the Giant Moth.

  1. Hello! Nice of you to drop by πŸ™‚

    I wonder if we’ll ever see another one in the wild like that? The one you found we only saw because it had been damaged by something… and that was after all these years living in what was really a fairly rural area (mostly)!!

    I’m not hinting… but one day I’d love a decent camera just to take pictures of some of the amazing stuff we have around us.

    When I look at what’s just in our tiny garden I think we can say it’s worth the time and trouble to take the snaps and upload them.

    In fact, we could even make up a new site and call it something like “Scenes from an Australian Garden”… and even if all it held was pictures of the wildlife around here we’d never run out of subjects!! πŸ˜€

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