Rain over Sydney

Yet again it’s raining over Sydney… and on top of it… and around it. In fact it seems the entire area has become waterlogged by the continuous downpours of recent weeks.

As said before this isn’t really a complaint as such. We still desperately need the rain up on the catchment area to fill the dame so we can put up with this for a good while yet before we get too irritated by it. Still, it would be nice to have the sort of summer we’re used to.

At least it *was* dry enough for a few days last week to let me get out and mow the lawns. If I’d not managed to get it done we’d have been knee deep by now! It’s grown of course, but the cooler weather (relatively cooler of course) has slowed the growth rate which is no bad thing. If I tried mowing it while it’s all so wet I’d probably rip the roots up instead! 🙂

So, we sit while the rain pours and say thanks. At least there isn’t an electrical storm to go with it… no sudden destruction of electronic technology with those surges that wait in the wings when lightning strikes. Ok the water *is* still pouring through the verandah roof… which is a little irritating… but if the electrics don’t short out there’s a chance we may manage to get it fixed before it caves in. Either way, it’s still raining over Sydney and is likely to remain doing so for the next week.

Was it not for sitting here in t-shirt and shorts with the air conditioning blasting away… I could swear we were back in the UK… almost! 😀

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