A nice little earner!

Thinking of the problems the neighbour has started me wondering what would happen if someone wanted open a business in our street. I eventually got round to wondering what if *we* opened a business… and the only one I could see someone as idle as me coping with would be running a small ‘hostel’ type place… a la Leonard Rossiter in Rising Damp… tho perhaps not quite as sleazy? 🙂

I suppose the councils laissez faire attitude might work in our favour one day if we got desperate enough for cash!! This house could *easily* be turned into four separate self-contained flats… or even seven (maybe eight?) bed-sitters which would give us a really nice little income! 😀

Hey… at today’s rates, with a rough average of $125 a week income from a room with shared facilities, we might earn $500 $600 a week off this place. That would just be renting out the four upstairs rooms. If we let the big one downstairs as well we might push is up to $750 a week! Y’know this really might be worth doing!!

I figure let the rooms out to ‘girls only’… no males staying more than two nights in a week and then not in succession and we might not see the place wrecked either

Can’t do it safely until the girls have left home (in ten years or so) I suppose… but it’s an idea… and it just might work!! 😀

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