The diet.

Hmmm…. not doing so well here I’m afraid. Christmas really hacked my resolve and I allowed myself far too much leeway in what I ate. Apart from having put on nearly 10 kilos I’m finding it hard to regain the resolve I had before the diet ended and get the weight moving in a downward direction.

I’m sure I can find all sorts of excuses if I put my mind to it, but the basic fact is I’m again eating too much and doing too little.

Both kids will be back in school by Friday and I’d intended starting back at the gym Friday morning… until I got a message from them saying they were moving premises between Fri 1st Feb and Monday 4th, so I’ll have to wait. Maybe it’s no bad thing. I can start on the Monday morning as the ‘first day’ and take it from there. Part of the problem was the total disruption in what had been a regular routine for three months when the visitors arrived and having to cook for so many people after having been out of the kitchen for so long as well.

This week though the wife has started cooking again to try to keep me away from the kitchen… and especially the fridge… so I’m hoping a bit of hard work will get me back on track. I know I have to do it, there’s too much at stake to *not* do it.

So… state of play at the moment is that the diet has been severely compromised but I’m working on getting back into the right frame of mind to start over.

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