Poor U2 – for a few dollars more?

Bands like U2 have been whinging because the poor dears are losing money to those poor sods entirely lacking in musical discernment who download their music… illegally. Admittedly I’ve never bought anything U2 had produced… but then I wouldn’t listen to them either if I had any choice in the matter and wouldn’t download their ‘music’ even if they said I could do it for free.

It makes me laugh when I read stories like this. These multi-million dollar rich gits with their jet-set lifestyles whinging over what to them is a miserly pittance make me sick to begin with. When they start pontificating about their ‘losses’ it’s enough to make me scream!

Another example is that geriatric set of rocking chair aficionados The Police who reformed and made buckets of money whilst ‘singing’ to backing tracks! Money for nothing is apt… it’s ironic that Sting should have been singing a riff on the track when he’s made millions singing sons he wrote when he was still teaching a half century ago.

I agree we need to protect the incomes of those up and coming artists to whom each cent matters… but for fat cats like these… they need a few reminders of their origins not someone protecting them from the likes of us!! Makes me seethe!

Source: http://www.smh.com.au/news/web/u2-get-your-snouts-out-of-our-trough/2008/01/30/1201369193338.html

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