Nearly another week gone!

Seems hard to believe it’s been 6 days since I wrote in here! It’s been 6 quite hard days as well, all in all.

Since the daughter left for the UK we’ve been trying to get ourselves reorganised into some sort of ‘normality’. The chaotic state of the house wasn’t all her fault by any means. If you recall I spent nearly 3 months effectively out of the house on the weight loss competition and there was a lot of catching up to do to bring it all back in line.

I say ‘was’ but maybe I should write ‘is’. There is a vast improvement, but it’s *still* a mess and will take a few more weeks before I’d claim to have caught up let alone made progress with other areas that need work, such as painting the house which was started a couple of years ago when the oldies came to visit… but was never completed!!

Just to add to the current confusion, we are still playing host to the two remaining members of the family who will be off on their touring holiday around Australia once their camper-van has been brought up to a reasonable mechanical standard. Not sure how long that will take, but it seems to be a longer process than any of us has expected!

Also of course the kids will be returning to school this week. The youngest starts on Thursday and the eldest on Friday. Then there’s the ongoing confusion at the ice rink where we aren’t sure even if the youngest daughter will be able to skate with the same coach for much longer.

So… another week gone and we’ve been busy. But doing what? Maybe the actual days *do* deserve posts of their own… so even though you might well be reading this ‘chronologically backwards’ it might be the best option if I just do my normal thing and write as stuff pops into my head. 🙂

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