Where is Angela Catterns?

In a post mid last year (May 4, 2007) I suggested it was time listeners started to boycott the Vega Sydney 95.3 radio station until they realised what an asset they had in Angela Catterns, the star presenter they poached from ABC radio, but treated abysmally when the ratings weren’t climbing quickly enough for them.

Nothing was done, and Angela finally resigned her post leaving November 2007.

She sent me quite a nice letter after I wrote telling her we’d miss her and would look forward to her popping up on the radio once she’d had a few months off to get some well deserved R&R.

However… so far… no word on where, if anywhere, she is or if there are ‘projects’ in hand for her to return to.

Anyone have any idea where she is or what she’s doing??

16 thoughts on “Where is Angela Catterns?

  1. Please let me know when and where you hear of her popping up again! I did listen to Vega, but after returning from holidays, I no longer do so. Their “gem” has gone! Please share the news when you learn of it, thanks. Jackie

  2. No sorry, I don’t, but I absolutely agree Angela is the best personality on radio, and I too have been hoping she would soon pop up on another station, to where I would happily switch my allegiance.

  3. One reader left a message suggesting I registered at Angela’s site, which I didn’t even know existed!

    You can find it at http://angelacatterns.com.au where else? πŸ˜€

    I signed up for her newsletter but so far have not received any news. For those jealous of their privacy I shall let you know if and when we can expect Ange’s mellifluous tones and intelligent comment back on air… unless you find out first in which case… please tell me?? πŸ˜€

  4. Please let us know if Angela returns to radio, she was a joy to listen to. We have turned Vega off in protest at her no longer broadcasting there.

  5. I promise that when she returns I’ll be one of the first to praise the station with the sense to give her the airtime she deserves.

    Wherever she is of course we wish her well… at the same time as telling her to get a wriggle on… her public miss her!! πŸ™‚

  6. Was just talking of Angela today and were both discussing what ever happened to…. Please let us know along with everyone else where Angela is, we’ll certainly be listening to 702 for any clues.

  7. Many thanks to all who’ve responded. You’ll be pleased to know Angela is taking over Richard Fiedler’s “Conversation Hour” on ABC 2BL Local Radion (702 AM) Sydney, for a week from Monday 30th 2008.

    I’ve written a new post with this information but thought I’d leave a comment just in case you’ve bookmarked *this* one! πŸ™‚

    Let’s hope this is just the beginning of her return.

  8. Angela – please come back to your old morning slot on Sydney ABC 702 ! Sydney needs your wit, presence and humour.

    ABC – don’t you recognise you lost the best talent you ever had. I’ll bet your listening numbers, with the present encumbant, are a mere shadow of what they were.

  9. She’s doing a sterling job this week. You have to hand it to her… she really has the knack of getting people to ‘open up’.

    This week I’ve been listening in – obviously – and really enjoyed the 30 minute interviews yesterday with with Neil Balnaves and Dr Gordion Fulde. Both of those were exceptional

    Monday’s with Natasha was a little staid but since it was Tash’s post-mortem you could excuse that πŸ™‚

    I’ll be really disappointed if she doesn’t take up a permanent post again with the ABC, but of course there has to be something available that she’d be interested in. Just because *we* love her doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a life and those early mornings must be a killer for her family.

    Still, she’s proving that as an interviewer and journalist she still has that ‘special something’. I’m going to sit quietly and enjoy the rest of the week and worry about next week… err… next week!! πŸ˜€

  10. You’ll be pleased to hear that the lovely Angela will be subbing for James Valentine, according to the ABC website, with Lisa Forrest sitting in for Richard Glover. Personally, I would prefer Angela doing the drive time position.

  11. I think you missed the post called “Angela’s Army” I made a few days ago but I’m looking forward to next two weeks more than I did for this past week! As for the ‘Drive Show’… not wishing to be rude to Richard… who once sent me James Valentine’s CD of a yodelling opera singer… I think Angela *would* freshen the show considerably. πŸ™‚

    Angela is at her best when she has a bit more freedom of action, tho to be fair her choice people to interview last week was pretty good! For most of the week I was just wishing the programmes had been long enough for her to cover more ground. πŸ˜€

  12. Thanks, I didn’t look beyond this thread….nice to know there are so many fans for Angela.

    Another oops, I didn’t make myself clear when commenting that I would prefer Angela in the drive programme. I meant that I would prefer her to Lisa Forrest.

  13. Please please can we have Angela back. Since she left 702 I have been desperately searching for a statiom to replace her without success. I can not listen to her replacement,but will certainly
    be back once Angela is back.

  14. Can’t argue with that… I have all of them on my desktop for the wife to listen to.! πŸ™‚

    There are already a couple of other posts about Ange but you can never have too many I think!

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