Tidy day!

I think I did too much yesterday. We started taking down the decorations and in the middle I decided it was time to clear up some more of the garden by chopping back the Rosemary bush and similar totally non-essential tasks. Either way whatever I did was too much because my back is hurting – again. I’m really going to have to do something about it next week.

After the days exertions – which involved moving the dining room table back to it’s usual home in front of the window (and I wonder why my back hurts?) we decided it would be a nice idea to finish off the wife’s holiday with a trip to Avoca Beach which is a quiet little place outside Gosford. To cut costs down a bit we decided to take a picnic instead of making our usual visit to a local restaurant for a light lunch followed in the evening by a massive fish and chip supper.

Only problem was there was no ‘picnic food’ in the house. Out we went at 8:30 p.m. with the eldest grandson to the local supermarket. The shopping trip itself was uneventful and we arrived back at about 10:30 p.m.. Wife puts away shopping… we go to bed.

This morning she takes the youngest to ice skating so she can have an hours peace to read her book. I bought her a copy of the ‘Bourne Trilogy’ for Xmas and since then she’s sat and worked through it desperately trying to ignore any and all interruptions… with little success. I think this hour or so will get her to the end of the second book at least.

Anyway – I finally woke up at 8:15 with the dogs barking and bouncing around on me trying to tell me something I expect… like get up now and let us out!!!

What do I find when I come downstairs?? Rain. I checked the Bureau of Meteorology Site and over most of NSW, especially around the coast, the forecast is increasing showers… and dangerous surf! Oops. Looks like we might not be going after all. 😦

What else is there to do?? Tidy up I suppose. Oh joy.

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