So this is how it happens?

Took the daughters up to Guides on Friday an got ‘accosted’ at the door by the district leader. She was asking if anyone wanted to volunteer to run a BBQ at the local hardware store to help raise funds for the girls to go to Jamboree next year.

Automatically… with no thought about time constraints, Xmas or visitors… I said oh yes we’re in (as I do). It wasn’t til a lot later it dawned on me that losing an entire Saturday just before Xmas wasn’t perhaps the brightest of moves. We’re already snowed under and I can see no sign of the pressure decreasing between now and Xmas Day.

Trouble is I feel some sense of responsibility towards the Guide group because the daughters go there. It’s all voluntary work by the leaders and they need funds to keep the place looking good and to fund the kids activities. It’s just that we seem to be doing everything while other parents just don’t bother much. Ok *some* do turn up when pressed but in the main it’s just the same old regular few that keep the ball rolling… us amongst them. I wonder why I can’t be more like *them* sometimes?

It isn’t just fundraising that I volunteer us all for. Today there is the inaugural Sydney Xmas Parade. Apparently I volunteered the kids to take part in the Guides march past. Can I remember saying we’d go? Nope. Is it inconvenient for us to go? Yes. Are we still going? Well yes of course!! 🙂

Kids are ready to go… so away we fly. More on this later I expect. I’m sure I’ll catch up with the work eventually… probably.


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