Another day all bar gone!

So I made Welsh Cakes… after going shopping for ingredients. All I need now is some raspberry jam to spread on the inside of the ‘plain’ ones and we’re away. I hope the Girl Guides appreciate them, but on past experience they just wolf them down without a care about who made them, how long it took… or what else they might have been doing!! Gannets one and all!! 🙂

It’s now 2:00 p.m. and because of the shopping and cooking I’ve done no tidying whatsoever. In fact the kitchen is actually messier than it was when I started!!

I lost Weds, Thurs and now Fri entirely. In 25 minutes I leave to collect the kids from school then race over to the Ice Rink for one to practice, and the other to come to the Gym as once again I torture muscles and joints in the name of ‘physical fitness’.

At 5:00 p.m. we rush back home for the eldest to change into her Guide outfit… then get her up to the hall for their International Feast of Flavours.  While she’s there *I* have to get back and get the boned rolled leg of pork I have waiting in the fridge out and into the oven. While that’s cooking, it’ll be ‘peel the veg’ time and *if* I have time… we’ll have a session of ‘fill the dishwasher’ and/or tidy the kitchen time.

So in total… how long will I have to clear up around the house?? Absolutely none unless I try to stay up to the wee small hours.

Tomorrow perhaps? I think not.

For starters I have to get *up* in the wee small hours… well at 5:30 a.m. anyway… and head off to the ice rink/gym again. That will take us until 10:30 a.m. at least after which I’ll be too exhausted to do anything other than collapse for at least two hours… and *then*… it’s back to the Ice Rink for the girls to have a Dress Rehearsal for the Xmas Show… and there’s another day gone before it’s started! 🙂

Don’t ask about Sunday… if I creep up on it quietly I might just manage a few hours… before we *again* have to get to the Ice Rink for yet more rehearsing

Maybe we should live in a tent??

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