Who'd have kids.

Yet again chaos loomed over The Dog’s household today when at 1:15 p.m. he took a call from the eldest daughter informing him that she’d like him to come to her school to watch her perform in a lunchtime concert. She was playing her flute solo, and in the Junior Flute Ensemble.

Seems like a reasonable request, if it hadn’t been that the concert was at 1:30 p.m. and The Dog wasn’t showered, washed, or shaved after the mornings sweat-fest in the gym.

Still, having missed almost *all* the schooling of my first ‘eldest daughter’ back in the UK I feel honour bound to try to be there for this one… so ran round the house changing clothes, shaving, and spraying deodorant in all sorts of unlikely places until I was able to run out of the door with the video camera at the ready.

I go surging up to the school breaking all sorts of road rules and get there *just* in time for her to play. Nice I thought – so did she. 🙂

Since I was up there until almost 2:00 p.m. I thought it wise to wait there until 3:00 pm. when school breaks up because the youngest has guitar lessons on Thurs, and the eldest has singing lessons. This way I’d get there on time for a change.

Another great idea bit the dust when I realised there was no guitar in the car.

Off home I zoom. I get there, put guitar in the case along with the music books then realizing there were a few minutes spare and the tomatoes were wilting, I may as well do some watering.

Thirty minutes later I realize (again) that time is running short so turn off the water, push the dogs outside, lock the house, get in the car and race off.

Did you notice the mistake? I did just after I picked up the kids and the youngest asked where her guitar was!!!

Zoom, zoom back to the house, pick up guitar, zoom, zoom over to the music school where we arrive and park with two minutes to spare.

The experience was such that I decided to hell with cooking… and on the way home I bought a cooked chicken and some chips for the kids. This was in part because  the wife has gone off to get her hair done so would be late home.

The wife just rang to say she was on the usual bus and would be home at the usual time… I could scream.

Oh lord – kids are due at Tae-Kwon-Do in three minutes… time to zoom, zoom again!

2 thoughts on “Who'd have kids.

  1. Not so bad 🙂

    I only caught the last few minutes (which included the daughter)and thought the standard was pretty high – bearing in mind these are Junior School kids.

    The daughter is now joining the ‘Intermediate Band’ which is the halfway point between the Junior and ‘full’ High School bands.

    We asked about the possibility of a scholarship but it seems we have to wait ’til she’s in Year 8 because she’s not yet passed sufficiently high instrument exams and because competition is *very* high. Even then the maximum is 50% for existing students. Ah well… back to work for the wife I suppose.

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