Tidying is an understatement!!

Spent the last *four hours* in the eldest daughters room trying to make some sense of it, but at last it’s looking like it is a child’s bedroom instead of a pigsty.

It’s hard to believe how many clothes I found when she is forever complaining she has none! I have three baskets full of what appears to be washing, standing outside my bedroom door already… and I’ve not started on the youngest daughters room yet! What the hell I’ll find in there I hate to think. I also threw out six bags of accumulated rubbish that I separated from things that were obviously needed.

I’m not asking for much, just that they throw their clothes into the laundry basket and rubbish into a rubbish bin… not hard… not rocket science!!

These two girls aggravate the hell out of me. They know how much I need their help while I’m in this competition and their mother is away but *do* they help? Well of course not… they just make it 10 times harder.

I think I have an inkling which hat the names of these two will be going into when Santa sorts out the ‘naughty’ from the ‘nice’ around Xmas time!!

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