Home again, home again…

School, gym, shop and home. An hour and it’ll be time to go out to pick the kids up again! What a day.

I was out ‘shopping’ for worms actually. The wife wants to restart her worm farm and before she left she dragged it out of it’s hiding place, cleaned it and loaded it with kitchen waste. So it’s ready to go! All it needs is worms.

The last lot of worms I bought died before they even got into the farm. I left them in the sun for a week forgetting I’d bought them until it was too late. Typical me 😦

Anyway – as it happens the garden centre I went to didn’t have any worms for me to buy… so I’ll have to visit another near the school and see if there are some there.

And then? Well I pick up the kids and one does exercises at the gym while the other skates. I’ll just use the treadmill for an hour. What else is there to do??

Oh… add the worms to the worm farm? Well yes I could do that… but I have this notion that by the time we get back tonight it’ll be too dark and we’ll all be exhausted. Also there’s dinner to cook. And besides… why do today what you might feel like doing tomorrow?? 😀

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