Away to the woods.

So the wife has left for the UK. She might even be there by now… can’t recall when she arrives. She’s dressed for the weather with woollies and a Mac and is really looking forward to two weeks of rain after all the sun we’ve had here.

We were all missing her here even before she’d left… as the gates to the boarding area closed shutting off our view of her we felt quite abandoned. Silly really but can’t be helped. She’s the centre of the family and we depend on her ‘being there’.

Either way she’s ‘over there’ working her way through the jungles of the UK business world. The old saying is that a change is as good as a rest… so we’re hoping that with a bit of luck she might find time in the middle of that heavy schedule to relax and recuperate.

It’s ‘only’ two weeks. We’ll cope… I hope!! 😀

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