Keys found!

Yup, eventually I found the keys. Where were they you ask… somewhere simple no doubt??

Well to start with I continued to tidy for the past five hours and established the keys were *not* on any of the desks or tables so I start to tidy up elsewhere. We have an exercise bike. Hanging across the handles was the wife’s woolly jacket. Over the jacket was the youngest’s skating jacket.

I start by hanging up the skating jacket… and as I move the wife’s… there are the keys sitting in the hood… which is folded over by their weight so they can’t be seen even if we’d moved the skating jacket.

Now might be a good time to ask just *who* in their right mind would put them in there… and then cover them up… and then forget entirely where they’d put them??? This girl must be insane!!

Too late to go out now so we’re going to watch “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”… and maybe the others. Obviously I’m still ratty!!

No gym or swim today. Roll on tomorrow!!


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