In the pool again.

Last night we used the pool for the first time this summer… not that summer is here yet of course. The weather has been so nice we thought we’d use the gas heater for a few hours to bring the temperature up to 28ºC which was just about bearable.

We’d been out bowling for a couple of hours in the afternoon so when we got back we were in just the right mood to fall in and relax. Bowling was interesting. We played three games and won one each! I’m no better now than I was in London all those years ago… but I try, and have fun… what else can one do?

Anyway, after an initial witter about the pool temperature not being quite high enough for me to just fall in (I like it steaming – like a bath!), we had a nice hour or so out there with me swimming sedately up and down, whilst the wife and eldest raced each other as they do. 🙂

Later we discovered we’d not adjusted the valves properly so the spa was getting most of the heated water. They both got out and lolled about in the heat for a while before deciding it was dinner time and went in. I had another 20 mins with the pools all to myself… nice I call it.

I think I’ll be using it a lot more this year than last. When I come back from the gym totally worn out, the pool will be *very* inviting!! 🙂

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