Might be a quiet Xmas after all.

Looks like my mother and father won’t be arriving this year after all. We’ve got kinda used to them coming over for Xmas and then staying most of the next six months, but it looks like last year *was* the last year.

My father is getting concerned about both my mothers and his physical condition (both in their mid-eighties after all) and the steady deterioration of my mothers mental condition is also a real concern.

Added to that, I think my father is preparing to move into smaller, easier to handle accommodation so will be preparing his own house for sale. It’ll be sad to lose the family home, but none of us kids could afford to take it on and so he may as well realise the assets and make he and my mother more comfortable over the ensuing years.

So to get the house ready he really needs to be there to sort out papers, make sure essential renovation is done properly and to clear out junk to make the place look ‘spacious’ and presentable. He won’t be able to do all that from here so… 😦

Oddly enough it makes me feel even more ‘cut off’ than usual! The eldest UK daughter is still intending to come over… in fact to marry here… but it would be so much better with the oldies here.

C’est la vie. I suppose we’ll manage.

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