One down…

The friend of my youngest decided last night she missed her mum and wanted to go home. Because I’d taken to my bed at 6:30 p.m. the wife had to drive halfway across Sydney to get her back home. Can’t ask her what it was like since while I’m up… she’s not! 🙂

I feel a bit ‘better’ this morning though I don’t know what was (is?) wrong to begin with. Yes I have a cough and a slight ‘background’ headache… but otherwise nothing. It’s all quite aggravating and now the eldest daughter had come in complaining that *she* has a sore throat like her sister and I. We just need the wife to get it and we’ll *all* have gone down with whatever it is!

Having a day off from the gym today. Not sure what we’ll be doing, but I *will* need some sort of exercise to keep the muscles oiled. Maybe a walk to the ‘regional park‘ which is only a kilometre or so away but covers a couple of hundred hilly acres. We’ll see. Got to get the wife up first 🙂

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