Did McCann do it?

Uncomfortable reports are surfacing around the globe about ‘confirmed’ DNA testing that ‘shows conclusively’ little Madeline McCann missing now for over 4 months was given sleeping tablets in a sufficiently high dose to kill her!

The DNA that produced these results is said to have been found in the boot of the hire car the McCann’s used on their holiday. There are also reports that Kate’s diary had references to how much stress the kids were causing her, especially Maddie’s high spirited nature. The conclusion reached by many seems to be that Kate McCann administered the drugs to the girl. Whether this was accidental or deliberate would be for a jury to decide *if* these results are both true, and sufficient to bring a case to trial.

If it was true of course we’d need to know how either of them would have (or could have) removed, and disposed of their little girls body to hide their culpability. Seems a bit of a horrible thing to suggest a parent might have done to their child… especially to such a cute little 4 year old girl.

Madeline McCann smiling

I’ve no idea if the reports are true or not… but if they *are* true then it’s a tragedy in many many ways. Not just for Maddie, but for her parents and siblings… and also for any other child that goes missing because people might be less inclined to give such fervent support to a search after this.

Hopefully she’ll turn up safe and well somewhere… but it’s getting increasingly less likely by the day… and by the leaked report 😦

More on the story here.

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