Wireless blues

No not the radio… nor my LAN… just that months ago I bought a wireless transmitter for our Foxtel connection and am yet to install it.

The connection into the house is upstairs, but when the old man and old lady came to stay we moved downstairs to make life easier for them (and us :)). Trouble was that to get the thing working I had to drape a cable from the input to the new location. Well this worked for a while until I moved the telly and no the cable isn’t long enough to reach so it lies on the floor… not safe that!.

To cut the hassle I went out and bought a wireless transmitter/receiver to stand between the input box and the TV. It’s running at 5.8 GHz because the previous types just wouldn’t work. Does this one work? Right now the answer is no… because it’s not installed! Ha! Seriously though I’m off to have a go… I’ll report back soon!

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