Progress report.

As said the other day, I joined up with the Biggest Loser program in a make or break attempt to get rid of the weight. So far all is well. The wife is still doing all the cooking and keeping me out of the kitchen which is a *big* help.

I weighed in on Sat morn at 157.9 kilos, but this morning the scales show 151.00 kilos so things are heading in the right direction (yes I know most of that will be water but it looks good!). I’ve kept to the diet strictly this time with no deviations or addition. Two meal replacements, no snacks, no tea or coffee, just drinking cool water. So far I’ve even avoided eating ‘safe’ extras like the occasional carrot or drinking the ginger tea I love. Ok it’s only two days, but it’s a start. The less toxins go in, the faster the body can wash out the existing rubbish.

The headache is still there as are the gastric issues, but I’m coping with the withdrawal symptoms fairly well so far. Will be off to the gym this arvo with the youngest one as she has a skating lesson. I figure some gentle walking will help and if I can keep it up for an hour that’ll be even better! 🙂

Will report back later this evening if I survive.

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