I need a cherry.

On and off for years I’ve tried to find a supplier of this lovely little tree. It’s a flowering cherry… a Prunus Ama-no-gawa… which has a distinctly odd columnar shape. I think my father had one in his garden at one time though I can’t be sure just where I first saw them.

Prunus Ama-no-gawa

Either way this tree is *ideal* for a small cool climate garden unfailingly producing masses of flowers in spring, year after year. It’s not really a suitable plant for Sydney I suppose since it prefer s cold inters and isn’t too keen on hot summers. Nevertheless I’d like to be able to try growing a couple at the back of our house.

Can I find a supplier here in Oz? No I cannot. No doubt there is a specialist supplier somewhere over here who has hundreds waiting for buyers… and here is a buyer waiting for a supplier. Is there any obvious way of getting us together? It appears not. I’ve visited lots of nursery’s etc and asked if they can source one for me but so far nobody can.

If *you* know of a supplier in Australia… let me know please? I’d love a few in my little garden. 🙂

Note: My father posted a comment on the ‘old version site’ telling me we had one of these in the garden of one of our old houses. I must have been around 9 years old when we left there. In which case…  I’ve been carrying this name around in my head for an awfully long time!! 🙂

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