More IT doings.

As if I haven’t enough to be going on with online (let alone of) I somehow seem to have managed to get myself mixed up in developing two more sites.

The first site, called Magic Muggles, is a little redundant already in that it’s going to be the ‘web presence’ of a newsgroup I frequent from time to time, called It’s redundant in that the books are now all ‘out there’, there is no mystery about who did what, and there will be no more books in the series! Still, it’s an interesting project that will take weeks or months to get fully implemented.

The second is a site belonging to the girl who handles my training at the gym. She actually paid someone to create a site for her a year or so ago and it was dire… I mean *dire*. What she wanted was a ‘recruitment site’ where personal trainers could go, register, and find work. What she got was an almost blank page with little of interest on it anywhere!

Anyway, I managed to volunteer myself to try to create something for her that actually worked. I made a start and knocked up the basics of a site called Fitness Recruiter for her, but can’t say I like what I’ve done so will probably start over… partly because I don’t much like the software I used :)

Either way it will will take a while to get both sites set up properly… using time I don’t have… but I suppose it’s harmless fun in its own way.

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