Misery your name is Dog

I’ve come to the conclusion that I *really* don’t like having so little control over my life or the way I live it. The wife seems to think it’s because the kids tend to ride roughshod over me not matter what I tell them… or ask them to do. Also that for some reason I’m incapable of saying “No” to people regardless how bizarre the request :)
She may be right, maybe not. I think the ‘rot’ started when we made the decision I wouldn’t work but stay home and ‘keep house. Well ok this has been my lot in life for the past 25 years or so… and I’ve not worked since, except for odd times here and there. Thing is… in effect I’ve locked myself in a gilded cage!

I’m so relatively unskilled that even if I *do* work I can’t earn enough to compensate for the massive increase in tax the wife pays. So you say… why not do voluntary work. To which I answer that doesn’t solve the problem. Part of the issue is that I have no economic independence… I’m entirely dependent on the wife’s goodwill!

Ok there’s not a lot of chance she’ll dump me before I croak, but that’s isn’t the issue either. It ain’t about her it’s about me! Basically I have no ‘control’ over my own destiny… simple as that!! :)

Question is what to do about it… and that’s where things aren’t either clear or easy. I’ll just have to work on this awhile.

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