Jumba Hosting problems.

I opened the reseller account with Jumba because they promised a great service level.

So far the sites have been offline 4 days, they’re not moved and there will *still* be propagation to consider when they *are* moved.

I’m starting to think I got rooked again. I sent a ‘support ticket’ into the parent company (AussieHQ) asking why the 2 hour job I was quoted for (at $88/hour) has so far taken 5 days with nothing being done and am awaiting the response. The owner, Michael McGoo, has usually been right on the ball with support issues… especially bearing in mind that hosting companies rise and fall on their reputations.

If I don’t get a satisfactory answer I’ll be dropping a few choice posts into whirlpool.net.au which is *the* forum for discussing Internet issues around these parts.

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