More on the daughter

So we all get up, wife goes to work, I jolly the kids along because today is the day the eldest goes back to school. However we have to visit the Orthodontist first to let him give her a check up first.

Still, I make her get ready for school… after all it’s just a few extractions.

We go, he sees her, he says she could have the rest of the day off if she wanted… gaaahhhh!!!

He had a look and said she’s recovering well enough but she still mustn’t eat solid food until the end of the week. I figure she can have mashed spuds and
onion gravy tonight and maybe a shepherd’s pie or similar tomorrow… something soft that doesn’t need chewing.

In case you are wondering she won’t eat stews, soups etc. which is what people with sore mouths tend to eat. All she’s had to eat this week is mush… yoghurt’s, custard… and noodles!

Just to round off the week, she’s not to play contact sports etc just in case there is contact with her jaw – even accidentally… so no Tae-Kwon-Do tonight.

She can still play flute which is a bit of a downer for her as she hates practice 🙂

Otherwise all is healing up nicely. 🙂

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