Happy Anniversary!

Writing this to the wife… 24 years she’s had to put up with me. Brave lady! Currently she’s hacking away at a Harry Potter game while I’m trying to get her motivated to go buy me some flowers!!

Tradition here is that *she* buys *me* flowers on the anniversary. This year I figured we’d buy a climber and some trellis and let it roam over the verandah roof!

First thing of course is to get the rose… well actually the first thing is to get her off the PC and into the car. After that a trip to the Nursery will be a doddle… if we can find a climber that is.

More later 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both – would have put some smiley’s if I knew how to do it on here hehehehe

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